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Ankle & Foot Care

Conservative and surgical treatments are the specialty of our foot surgeons. Rely on us to treat your specific podiatric condition with care and expertise, and know that your needs are the top priority of our foot and ankle surgeons. 


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Diabetic Treatments

Diabetic footwear is available for people of all ages who are dealing with this disease. Our diabetic care treatments are comprehensive and high-quality to ensure you stay healthy and happy.

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About Us

The patients always come first at our podiatry clinic in Fontana, California. Trust in our knowledgeable foot doctors to get you back to your optimum condition in no time. At Fontana Family Footcare Center, we specialize in the treatment of sports injuries, sprains, fungus, discolored nails, bunions, flat foot deformity, heel spurs, and arch, nerve, and heel pain. We also provide comprehensive diabetic foot care.

Insurance Providers Accepted: POS, PPO, EPO, Medicare Pinnacle, Cover California Insurance (ObamaCare)


A Friendly Office Environment

At our podiatry clinic, we strive to provide a clean, courteous atmosphere. We take pride in getting patients seen as quickly as possible, often on the same day. Turn to our foot doctors for quality treatments with little to no wait time. We are committed to excellence when it comes to the care of your feet and ankles.